Our Story

On July 28, 1882, The Price Hill Eagle Loan and Building Company No. 1 was incorporated in the community of East Price Hill for the purposes of promoting savings and home ownership. The original founders were: George Berndsen, Paul Litsch, Michael Hebenger, Hugh Schields and Anthony Cook.

For a first home, the Company met for business every Tuesday from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM in an office space rented in Joe Brauer’s Saloon, located at Enright Avenue near Warsaw, where the Price Hill Post Office stands today. The Company had purchased a lot next to St. Lawrence Church from John D. Prout in 1917 and an adjoining parcel from Theresa Johnson in 1924 and began planning its first main office building at 3650 Warsaw Avenue, that is now located in Delhi at 5681 Rapid Run Rd.

Over the next seven decades, the Company continued to grow. It began with only $400,000 of original, authorized, capital stock. Today, Eagle Savings Bank has over $100 million in total assets. In 1996 Price Hill Eagle changed its name to Eagle Savings Bank in anticipation of growing beyond a local institution in order to continue to serve its customers’ needs. In 1998, Eagle Savings opened its first branch in Delhi at 5148 Delhi Pike. In 2004, Eagle Savings developed a 12,000 square foot retail center at 6415 Bridgetown Road, where its main office was relocated. In 2015 they opened their first eastside officeat 3420 Edwards Road in Hyde Park.